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TENS with dynamic IFC

TENS with dynamic IFC
Product Detailed

1.PATENT product
2.Dynamic interferential current
3.Versatile:Up to10 programs
4. Home/community use
4.OEM/ODM available


Seven Features of KML Therapeutic Instrument:

Medium frequency current. It can improve the permeability of active biological membrane and partial blood circulation. Low frequency current. It can ease pain and nonspecific inflammation, improve blood circulation.Massage. It can get through channels so as to treat diseases and alleviate muscle strain and nerves.Acupuncture. It is just current fillip instead of the pain of acupuncture.Hot compress.  It can alleviate the cramp, dilate blood vessels and improve partial blood circulation.Inputting drug. It can be more effective for treatment.Foot care for electrotherapy. Feet are the root of disease as well as the body part for treatment and health care.


The Therapeutics of KML Therapeutic Instrument:

Dynamic Interferential electrotherapyStatic Interferential electrotherapyDouble modulated medium frequency electrotherapyModulated medium frequency electrotherapyConstant amplitude medium frequency electrotherapy  TENSMassage therapyAcupuncture therapyThermotherapy Inputting drug therapy


Therapy principle:

        When body is stimulated by the bioelectric current from the instrument:

   Central nervous system can stimulate the secretion of enkephalin and endorphin which can ease pain.    Electric current stimulation can improve partial blood circulation, alleviate edema in tissue and nerve fiber,  decrease the tissue tension and eliminate the pathological medium.    It can ease pain and adjust nerves through controlling pain threshold and interference of cortex.    It can alleviate nonspecific inflammation, accelerate the absorption of inflammation products, reinforce the partial tissue’s nutrition and metabolism and improve immunity.    It can regulate the internal secretion and balance the function of internal organs.    Bioelectric currents: bidirectional and asymmetrical Square Wave with transformation is invented by our company independently.

What it can do?

KML Therapeutic Instrument can cure 8 kinds of diseases, as follows:

Parenchyma Trauma. Interferential Current Therapy (ICT) has an effect of acesodyne (pain relief),detumescence (reduce swelling) and the promotion of soft-tissue healing, crush injury,  chronic injure, myositis fibrosa and tenosynovitis.Osteoarthrosis. ICT has an effect of acesodyne (pain relief),detumescence  (reduce swelling) which can recover the range of motion, and cure joint sprains, scapulohumeral periarthritis,  degenerative osteoarthropathy,  ankylosing spondylitis,  rheumarthritis, meniscus injury,  bursitis and synovial calcification.Neurological diseases. There are neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia and herpes zoster.Fracture. In foreign countries, ICT is frequently used, especially to cure nonunion fractures, pseudarthrosis and Sudeck atrophy.Blood circulatory disturbance. Interferential current acts on neck, lumbar sympathetic ganglion and limb, which can not only alleviate Raynaud's disease, initial thromboangitis obliterans and arteriosclerosis, but also help varicosity patient to dilate the limb blood vessels and increase blood flow. It can also cure frostbite and chilblain.Leiasthenia of internal organs. Interferential current can cure gastroptosis by improving the tension of gastric wall smooth muscle so as to relief of pain, meliorate digestive function and improve appetite. It is effective on enteroparalysis, uroschesis, smooth muscle contraction of intestinal tract and bladder, and atonic constipation. In foreign countries, interferential current has an obvious effect on sires incontlnence, unge incontlnence and unstable bladder.  Fiber hyperplasia or adhesion of internal organsMuscular atrophy and atonia.


The characteristics of dynamic interferential current

Dynamic interferential current adopts two groups amplitude of variation, frequency change and phase change of medium frequency current 4000Hz; 4000±0.125Hz to 250Hz. It will be inputted into body by four electrodes decussately which can produce interference in the crossing point. According to the different parameter styles of amplitude, frequency and phase, there are five different feelings of interferential current. The sketch maps of acupuncture points of back are as follows:

Interferential electrodes

Decussate juxtaposition sketch maps

A+ (Group A electrodes)

A-    (Group A electrodes)

B+ (Group B electrodes)

B-    (Group B electrodes)

Interferential current 1

It can form changeless size and unidirectional reticular current with wide therapeutic range.

Interferential current 2

Its shape changes alternately from vertical rectangle, to square and to rectangle.

Interferential Current 3

The little square will transform back and forth, at first, it will enlarge gradually until it up to the maximum, then, it will lessen by degrees.

Interferential Current 4

The size and centre won’t change, and the interferential current will has periodic rotation that is concentrated at the point of intersection of four electrodes

Interferential Current 5

Forming a unidirectional treatment zone, it depends on the axis to make the length keep changing.


If interferential current has the above effects (2,3,4,5), because of the changeable feelings, it make user easy to accept but it won’t let body to adapt to reduce efficiency. Also it has the advantages of medium frequency and low frequency, and avoids the disadvantages of low frequency, such as surface effect, prickling and electrolysis.



Model number: KML-900-6A

Supply voltage: a.c. 220v±22v, 50Hz±1Hz

Rated power: 35w

LCD screen: 120mm×48mm

Unit size: 280mm×180mm×90mm

Output channels: 4

Color: greyish white

Weight: 3kg



Acupuncture point electrode pad

Adhesive electrode pad

Electrode wire

Electrode with heat function

Breast electronic pad

Hot compress band

Drug electrode

Remote control

Power cable

Fuse(F2A 250V)

Electronic massager shoes

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