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High Potential Physical Therapy Unit

High Potential Physical Therapy Unit
Product Detailed

1. PATENT product
2. Home/community use
3. Purify blood, soften vascular and eliminate toxins
4. OEM/ODM available

MechanismThe power of High Voltage Electrostatic Field (HVEF) can produce alternating HVEF surround human body. Under static electric field, different parts of the body will have its own vibration so that various organs will be adjusted sufficiently. All kinds of cells will follow the current cycle directions, mitigating the cohesion among the cells. The mineral ions from the body fluid which is inside or outside cells for example, potassium ion (K+),sodium ion (Na+), phosphor (P^4+), magnesian ion (Mg^2+) and calcium ion (Ca^2+) which will be redistribution according to the normal value. With the increasing volume of calcium ion (Ca^2+), and the decreasing of the magnesian ion (Mg^2+) and phosphor (P^4+), the activity of muscle cells and myocardial cells will be enhanced. Also, it can ameliorate bone diseases, relieve tiredness and make people more energetic.Because of the improving activity of cell potential, the body fluids ph transform from acid to weak alkaline (pH=7.3~7.44), while the potential of floating red blood cells, white blood cells and other materials are increasing, they can adjust the ion (H-,H+) from blood which will strengthen the body’s recovery. In addition, micro power can enter into the nerves; especially let the hypothalamus to gain new energy. Function (Purification type, for purifying blood, softening vascular and eliminating toxins.)

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